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Essential tools

Graphics card drivers

Extract archives

Virtual Drive (mount iso/bin/mdf/cue...)

Virtual Machine


Visual C++

If you have an error about a file named like that mscvrXXX.dll, please install this.

Microsoft .NET Framework

Video player | Codecs

Various tools

Japanese emulator

Text hooker | Translation

Various utilities

Mods installation tool for some of Illusion games.

It will fix some setup issues for Illusion games.

Crack tool for some game using engine like Siglus/RealEngine or with an alpharom protection.

Some games will tell you that your system doesn't have the correct locale, this tool will bypass this protection.

Needed for some games using RPG Maker.

If you have an error saying unrecognized kernel32 module, use this patch. Move the files inside the game folder and run the game.

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