About HSuki

HSuki goal is to cover most of the titles listed on the website VNDB.

Here is how the things are done on HSuki:

  • Each title is tested one by one to guarantee that it works, if it's not the case, I will mention it on the product's page. A file [README]_SETUP.TXT or [README]_help.txt is present on each archive to help you how to use the files
  • Every time this is possible, I try to convert the image disc to an ISO file
  • As for the classification, I tag the files to help the identification easily with the according VNDB id/Release ID

Identify information from HSuki archives

Since around a year, I have started to tag the name archive in a specific way to help you order things more easily (for people like me who like order :p).
Let's take the example Akatsuki no Ganshou and its filename which is hs9878_v6143_JP_PKG_updt_XP.rar

  • hs9878, this is an HSuki internal identification
  • v6143 > The VNDB ID of the game, if you go to the page https://vndb.org/v6143, you will get the same title
  • JP > The language of the title.
    Also used JP/Japanese, EN/English, MULTI/Multilang (English, german, russian, french or/and other langs...), FR/French
  • PKG, the type of release.
    Also used PKGPKG/Retail edition (Image disc), DL/Download edition (a folder with files), PKG_EXE/ A package edition that I have extracted to get a folder, DL_RPK/ A download edition that I have converted to an image disc (like ISO)
  • updt, that means the archive includes the latest update for this title
  • XP, the OS that I had to use to run the title.
    I use these too: W7/Windows 7, XP/Windows XP, W98/Windows 98

What am i supposed to do with rar files?

To open those files, you need a program like :

Is there any password to extract the files?

There is no password for the files shared here, unless there is a mention of one. Please update your extraction tool, check the links above.

Antivirus detects a threat inside a file

Some games need a crack to run properly. You have to disable or make an exception inside your antivirus program. You can also try to use a Virtual Machine, please check this tutorial.

I have a message error about missing dll when i run a game, what should i do?

Please install every updates of Visual C++, DirectX or .netFramework. Check the tools page.

Winrar says the archive is corrupted

Before redownloading the file, try to repair the archive as I add a percent of the archive for the recovery. Right-click on the archive you have downloaded, then Open with Winrar. When the program is open, click on Tools, then Repair the archive. Select the option Corrupted the archive as rar, then start the process. This process will create a new archive file with the prefixe fixed. Try to extract the new file. If it still not good, download again the file.

First things to read/do

Still need help?

If you still have an issue after reading the tutorials, please use the comments section of the title you have an issue with or use the Discord HSuki channel. Please be the more specific you can, tell:

  • Windows version you are using
  • The japanese method you choose (Windows locale or LocaleEmulator)
  • What steps you have done
  • What is the error you have (a screenshot would be great)