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The basics

Preparation - Important tools to install

Libraries (REQUIRED)

Virtual Drives (REQUIRED), one needed but you can try the other

Extraction tools (REQUIRED), one needed but you can try the other


Step 1 - Download

The main step is to download the file from the website, you will get an archive file with the extension .RAR.

Some games/animes, may include multiple parts, you have to download them as well (part1, part2…) to extract all the files, if you miss parts, you will have an error.

Step 2 - Extraction

When you have all the parts, please use an extraction tools, like Winrar or 7z.

Once you have extracted the archive, you will get a new folder with all the contents from the archive.

In the case of multiple parts archive, just start the extraction from the part1.

Files threat (antivirus)

Some games require a file that is modified to avoid the protection that prevents the execution of the game.

As they are modified, some antivirus may consider this behavior as a threat.

You have to add an exception for the files/folder in your antivirus.

Unfortunately, there is no alternative, these files are required to start the game.

Step 3 - Prepare your Windows for japanese games [IMPORTANT step]

You have to choose between two options in order to install the japanese games properly.

Step 4 - Extracted files

Image disc

  • ISO - BIN+Cue - MDF+MDS - CCD, img…
  • Do not use Winrar or 7z to browse the iso file , you will not be able to install the game this way.
  • You have to MOUNT the image disc with one of the virtual drive tool posted above.
  • Check this tutorial → Virtual drives
  • ISO (Windows 8.1, 10)
    • If you have Windows 8.1 or 10, you can mount the iso directly with Windows Explorer
    • Check this tutorial → Windows Explorer

Folder with exe

  • Proceed to the next step

Step 5 - Installation

First, please read the file [readme]_setup.txt, this provides the correct steps to install the game.

In case you have image disc

  • ISO - BIN+Cue - MDF+MDS - CCD, img…
    • Once you have mounted the image disc, you will have a new disc drive inside Windows Explorer.
  • Browse this disc and open the file setup.exe. (please refer to the file [readme]_setup.txt)
  • If you chose the LocaleEmulator way, do not forget to run the file with this tool. (Right click on the exe > Locale Japanese > Run in Japanese (admin) )

Please avoid to install the game in Program Files or Documents.

Create a new folder at the root of one of your drives like C:\games, and install the games inside this folder. Keep the name short.

This will avoid many problems regarding some write access.

# Game that does not need to be installed

  • Some games do not need to be installed, you can directly run those game from the extracted folder. (please refer to the file [readme]_setup.txt)
  • If you chose the LocaleEmulator way, do not forget to run the exe file with this tool (Right click on the exe > Locale Japanese > Run in Japanese (admin) )
  • Same remark as above, please use a folder outside Documents / Downloads / Program Files, and try to avoid the use of subfolder, keep it short and clean.

Step 6 - Starting the game

After the setup is complete, go to the game folder location and run the exe file mentionned inside the file [readme]_setup.txt.

  • If you chose the LocaleEmulator way, do not forget to run the exe file with this tool (Right click on the exe > Locale Japanese > Run in Japanese (admin) )

Some games need to be cracked, in each download archive, you will have a folder with a nodvd file if the game needs one. Again, please refers to the file [readme]_setup.txt.

Sometimes the patch file will be considered as a threat, so you will have to authorize this file in your antivirus program or use a virtual machine.

Bonus step - Running older games

Sometimes, games will not be compatible with the current version of Windows (10 at the moment), even when using the compatibility tip.

If you have a CPU with multiple cores, you can try to run a Virtual Machine.

With this, you can run an instance of Windows 7 in your Windows 10 session, like a regular application.

I have prepared two preconfigured machines, one using Windows XP and one using Windows 7.

Please check this tutorial → VirtualBox - Virtual machine

Additionnal information

All the games published on HSuki have been tested using these settings:

  • Windows 10 updated (Windows 7 or Windows XP if it does not work with W10, but I mention that)
  • Japanese Mode (I don't use Locale Emulator)
  • Windows clock set to japanese mode
  • Admin account (you can use Run as Admin by right clicking on the exe)
  • Daemon Tools installed
  • Games installed in a folder C:\Eroge (avoid to install under Program Files/documents…)

Please test these settings before asking for help. Thank you.

FAQ | More tutorials

If you still have an issue, please check those links before anything:

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