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Admin xgrab / 2021-08-25 / #698

I have checked the game again and no problem so far with the text box (except for the poor quality of the font/color). I didn't do anything special to run this game.
My settings:
- Windows Japanese mode (no localeemulator)
- Format set to japanese
- Admin rights (to be sure, right click on CrossFire.exe and run as admin)
- Installed in folder C:\eroge\
illustrious beetle / 2021-08-03 / #691
Hey, if anyone has the tech wiz to help me here that would be great.

So I can run the exe installed on my hardrive but not matter what the text box does not appear. I have installed using daemon tools and with admin rights and messed around with config with no luck.

This is not a huge issue as i am using a text extractor but it would be ideal for the box to appear for menu controls. It appears between transitions then vanishes again. I am clueless as to why it would do that.

Any help or ideas is appreciated. This is all on Win 10.



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