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Admin xgrab / 2021-10-02 / #713

Are you trying to paste the crack in the DISC? You have to paste it in the folder where the game is installed on your hard drive.
Ezzeh / 2021-08-27 / #701
when I try to paste the crack in the game folder it tells me that there is not enough space available in BOKUDAKA
What I do?
Admin xgrab / 2021-04-25 / #616

Thanks for telling me about this title and the other one. It has been updated.

The studio has not been fully verified yet, so there may be some other errors, but it will be checked soon to be the more accurate possible.

natsugajeel2000 / 2021-04-25 / #615
This game is categorized wrongly. It should be in ANIM Team mm section, not ANIM section.

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