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Admin xgrab / 2021-10-02 / #710

Do you mean that every sex scenes are unlocked from start in the menu CG?
I have checked this archive and the cg are not unlocked and you need to progress ingame to see them.
Ezzeh / 2021-09-01 / #703
I have a question: Is it normal that the porn scenes are only in the menu (that the developers have done so) or is it a bug? Shouldn't they appear while you play as you progress?
Admin xgrab / 2021-06-18 / #668

You need to start the game with NTLEA:" target="_blank" title="link" rel="nofollow">
lvapab18 / 2021-06-06 / #662
the game's text has errors in the structure which makes it unplayable even if you know Japanese since much of the text is not the heroine's dialogue.

if anyone knows how to fix it would be grateful for the help

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