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Admin xgrab / 2021-08-25 / #700

The game has been repacked using iso, tested ok on my side.
4nobu / 2021-08-08 / #693
I can mount disc 1 and 2, but can't access disc 1 (seems corrupted) and i can't install using setup on disc 2. What should I do?
Darken / 2020-07-11 / #359
Yes, now it worked. Thanks for your help!
Admin xgrab / 2020-07-10 / #356
Hello Darken,

When you mount the disc2, is this creating a new drive instead of replacing the existing one (the one that has the disc1)?
There is an option to enable to replace the disc not mount a new drive.

Please check the part "Option to enable (Replace disc)":
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Darken / 2020-07-10 / #354
I'm trying to install the game, but at some point the setup asks me to insert DISC 2. Even after I mount the disc using Daemon Tools and click OK, it keeps showing the same message to insert DISC 2 and I can't continue the installation.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Do I need to run a file from DISC 2 or something to continue the installation? Please help!

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