Yuusha to Maou to, Majo no Cafe

勇者と魔王と、魔女のカフェ, The brave and the devil and the witch's cafe, 魔女カフェ, MajoCafe


Release date2018-04-27

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Filiaswald is governed by the goddess of light Aria and the goddess of darkness Anri. There was once a long war between light and darkness, which culminated in a single battle between the hero Fiona and the demon king Astaroth. However, no one knew how it ended as both vanished without a trace.

Ten years later, a young man with no recollection of his past wandered through the forest. He arrived at a small coffee shop and inn, Café Sorcière, where three witches-in-training (earnest but gullible Rufuna, small yet motherly Candy, and taciturn and lazy Eliya) happily worked for the polite yet super innocent owner Assam. They gave him the name ‘Tarou’ and got him to work at the café while he regained his memories.

Every day was full of interesting events: incidents ending up in compromising positions, helping people in need, going on adventures… event fighting with monsters!? He would befriend Apple, a girl from a nearby town who would later be a regular customer, as well as the miniature forest faerie Pecoe. He no longer worried about his forgotten past when the present is so full of happiness.

However, Tarou started to see recurring dreams of fighting with the demon king and the hero attacking the demon king’s castle. When he woke up, he would have not recollection of the dreams. As he gradually began to show signs of change, the girls around him are caught in the large whirlpool of fate…
Source: Hau~ Omochikaeri~!

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