Complete Yokujou Tomarunners ~Elmeros wa Zecchou Shita~
欲情トマランナーズ ~エルメロスは絶頂した~, Passion Tomarunners -Herm-Eros Has Climaxed-

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Developer Softhouse-Seal
Year 2012
Audio Japanese
Text Japanese
Censorship Censored
Game type Action
Status Complete
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The girls ran. Toward what, they did not care.

Herm-Eros was outraged.
Her longtime friend Celentius was
captured by the cunning king!

Before Celentius was executed
Herm-Eros would do everything in her power to
make it to the kingdom in time.

She ran.

Skilled with a sword, nothing would stand in her way!

...... Meanwhile, Celentius had slipped from her chains and
was escaping the kingdom.

She ran.

With powerful legs she could evade any danger, without doubt!

The girls ran. But they didn't know what lay ahead.
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欲情トマランナーズ ~エルメロスは絶頂した~, Passion Tomarunners -Herm-Eros Has Climaxed-