Accueil Jeux Until Her Amorous Body Corrupts

Until Her Amorous Body Corrupts
彼女の媚肉が堕ちるまで, Kanojo no Biniku ga Ochiru Made

Studio shinachiku-castella
Année 2017
Audio Japonais
Texte Anglais
Censure Censuré
Genre Visual Novel
Statut Complet
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Tags H-Suki

Chiharu-san living next door is strong-minded and a bit hard to socialize for me.

I was, before I even knew it, attracted by her robustness and tenderness.
I supposed that my feelings of love were finally requited by her.

She is, however, targeted by salacious old men in a shopping street...
What the heroine's dauntless eyes see will gradually change while
she is entwined by the salacious old men's sexual desires...

As this process goes on...
A lump that notifies her emergency will finally cease to work,
so that you can only see what she does...

With a landlord, a greengrocer, an old men in the shopping street...
In her apartment, a mahjong parlor, a hot spring, a love hotel...

And many other situations...

Knowing what 'sex' really means, she let
the dirty old men treat her body and mind..

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彼女の媚肉が堕ちるまで, Kanojo no Biniku ga Ochiru Made