Complete To~mei Heaven! ~Toumei Ningen ni Natte Bishoujo-tachi o Momi Makuri!!~
と~めいヘブン! ~透明人間になって美少女たちをもみまくりッ!!~, Tomei Heaven

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Developer Frill
Year 2013
Audio Japanese
Text Japanese
Censorship Censored
Game type Visual Novel
Status Complete
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Fuyua Utagawa is the most "pitiful" girl in the class.
Not only her strangely big breasts and crazy dress sense,
but also the way she speaks, wit, personality, body odor and manner...
Everything is "insufficient" so annoys classmates,
making her a target of bullying in the class.

She gets molested every time she takes the train.
Gets splashed with cold water by classmate girls in toilets.
A deodorizer is put on her desk.
Boys get uncontrollable sex drive toward Fuyua's large breasts
and body odor, repeating sexual violence as if it's an extension of bullying......!!!

However, Fuyua holds a secret in her heart.
Thanks to her large titties, her online broadcasting channel attracts a number of viewers.

Her pseudo-romance relationship with her fans becomes closer and closer
along with Fuyua's growing stress, gradually trespassing into the area of forbidden acts...

Since she is "insufficient", she isn't aware of the risk that schoolmates come to
know about her erotic broadcasting. Seeing Fuyua's escalating activities in her
channel, students' frustration is about to explode......

Thus, the extremely masochistic girl Fuyua's sensual & vulgar story of bullying begins!!
Source : Dlsite

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と~めいヘブン! ~透明人間になって美少女たちをもみまくりッ!!~, Tomei Heaven