Complete The Busty Elf Wife and the Premature Ejaculator ~Hypno-NTR Peeping~
爆乳エルフ嫁と早漏くん ~催眠寝取られ盗み見録~

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Year 2019
Audio Japanese
Text Japanese
Censorship Censored
Game type Visual Novel
Status Complete
Rating (1 reviews)


The year is 1911.
The protagonist Ellio was living a loving life with his elf wife Loretta.
Using their strengths at work, they were doing well in both aspects of their lives.

However, Loretta wasn't good with H things, and Ellio was insecure so they
hadn't had much night time activity.
Ellio was gathering up his courage to move forward with it.

However, Fablo appeared before Ellio, and the situation began to get complicated.
Will Loretta be able to resist Fablo's hypnosis?
Or will she fall and be corrupted into a lewd girl...
Source : Dlsite

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