Sweet Honey Family - Musume to Tsuma ni Amai wa Chichi no Narahi

すぃ~と・はに~・ふぁみり~ 娘ト妻ニ甘イハ父ノ習ヒ


Release date2017-06-30

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The protagonist has a loving wife and a beautiful daughter, a perfect family. However, his daughter is quite cold to him nowadays. Even though his wife tells him that it's just a phase, he is still worried.

Finally, he decides to install a device from his company that, through the use of aromatherapy and sound waves, can draw out a person's true self.

Over time, he is glad to see that his daughter's attitudes soften and return to what they were in the past. However, her skinship gradually escalates excessively much to his confusion.

And one day when his wife is away, she confesses her love to him. Apparently, because she loves him more than a father, she decides to act aloof to hide those feelings.

While shocked by the confession, he becomes conscious of his own feelings for his daughter as a woman. Little does he know, he is also under the effect of the device that he installed...
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