Shin Yakin Byoutou



Release date2011-06-24

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Tonight, the voices of angels in white robes trapped in the sanatorium echoes.

Night shift ward is an unknown face hidden behind the up-and-coming large hospital known as “St. Julianna Hospital”. An awkward and obscene special ward that turns white angels into submissive sex slaves and offers them to the patients in the hospital.

Ryuji Hirasaka is a doctor with a crazy personality, who is only interested in humiliating women and experimenting with their body, is considered a failure of a doctor. However, the demand for prey was high, and Hirasaka was only seeking his desires in the days of loneliness that could never be satisfied.

One day. The request of a part-time lecturer from St. Julianna Hospital suddenly fluttered to him. What was waiting there was Narumi Jinguji, who was the best of Hirasaka's past victims.
Narumi made an unexpected request to Hirazaka that puzzled him.

The request is to make four beautiful first-class nurses into beautiful widows by your hand. The opening of the best sex service project by a first-class widow. I want you to help me set up a special ward.

The four nurses are all considered best materials. The desire that has never been fulfilled since parting with Narumi may now be fulfilled.
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