処女狩~オトメガリ~, Shojo Kari ~ Otome Gari


Release date2008-10-31

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There still exist vampires.... Famous politicians, company presidents, artists, sports players etc.... The vampire society has a community in each country and they usually act together unitedly. But one day, Miwa, a vampire load, is captured and confined by vampire hunters. Yuto, Miwa's one and only son, decides to take over her position, but Katsuji, Miwa's right hand man, gets rid of him and takes the position.... Yuto makes up his mind to show his power to other vampires by creating a harem. Yes, there is only one way for vampires to show their power. It is to have sex with human girls and create a harem. The more they get girls and the more beautiful they are, they will be respected by other vampires and they can strengthen themselves by getting power from the girls. Like this, Yuto starts working at a high school as a teacher and hunts girls every day. But one day, he meets someone from Ban family at school. The Ban family is actually the ones who confined Miwa before. Also, Katsuji sends Nagisa to the school to remove Yuto....
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