Complete Onii-chan ni wa Zettai Ienai Taisetsu na Koto.
お兄ちゃんにはぜったい言えないたいせつなこと。, onitai, onitaitai

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Developer Mink
Year 2013
Audio Japanese
Text Japanese
Censorship Censored
Game type Visual Novel
Status Complete
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Mink EGO presents an erotic visual novel about a young brother and sister chasing their dream together. The story is written especially for fans of NTR (netorare), a genre of erotic fiction in which the heroine has sex with men other than the protagonist, thereby generating emotional tension that often leads to teary reconciliation and makeup sex. This game also features 3 adorable heroines, beautiful artwork with just the right mixture of cuteness and eros, and fully-animated sex scenes!
Source : J-List

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お兄ちゃんにはぜったい言えないたいせつなこと。, onitai, onitaitai