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Developer Atelier Kaguya
Year 2017
Audio Japanese
Text Japanese
Censorship Censored
Game type Visual Novel
Status Complete
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I (Ichigaya Ren) became a second year. Within the unimaginable heat during spring, I was carrying as many juice as possible in my arms and walking unstably on the road...

Everything is because of "those" 4 people. One way or other, using any kind of reason they tease me and at every opportunity, they push me around to do something for them.
Despite it being so severe to one person... Of all the things, those people seem to be gathering in that club-room.
But, however! It doesn't matter. Right now, it is not about that!
In the end, "those" four depraved members keep coming on to me.
Without thinking of the consequences, completely fixated upon "licking", "squeezing"; trying to satisfy their sexual desires, those people must be eagerly waiting for my return even now, definitely...Ah, it is depressing♪

"Oops, I cannot let the juice cool down! I have to hurry back♪"
Source : VNDB

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