Complete Mesu Soku Baku
牝・束・縛, Mesu / Soku / Baku

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Developer Softhouse-Seal
Year 2014
Audio Japanese
Text Japanese
Censorship Censored
Game type Visual Novel
Status Complete
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This year, a new teacher was inaugurated to Divine Lights School for Girls.
Mr. Masashi Sakura -- an unmitigated genius with great looks.

He was every woman's ideal: handsome, intelligent, tender.
But Masashi had another side, too.

He targeted women, broke their spirits, and sold them to VIPs of a secretive company.

Wicked Sakura. His dark eye roved over each of the students.
While he smiled and made conversation, he was hunting... for slaves.

That eye rested on the perfect prey ---

Be a part of the transformation of Divine Lights School for Girls from safe haven
to hunting grounds, where women become sows and heffers...

* Feelings that won't go away; acme coercion that can't be escaped
Physical bonds are nothing compared to the rush of ecstasy that pins the soul...

* Specialized bondage S&M scenes
Handcuffs, hemp ropes, adhesive gauze, clamps, straps, masks and muzzles...
heaven via wedge, box, gurney, more! ...... So many lovely toys.
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牝・束・縛, Mesu / Soku / Baku