Mamono Musume no Sodatekata ~Lamia & Harpy~



Release date2011-11-25

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This is the latest game in Vanadis’ Mamono Musume series. Riku was eating his bento at the top of a mountain when the boiled egg that he was peeling slipped out of his hand. It started rolling down the slope and he chased after it, but it wouldn’t stop. He was left in despair as it ended up rolling into a nearby lake. Perhaps out of pity seeing his love for eggs, a goddess appeared form the lake holding two eggs. He was given the choice of the golden egg or the silver egg. In the end, he ended up with both of them.

Riku was overjoyed at receiving such large eggs and quickly rushed home to cook them. As he was slowly warming one up and patiently waiting for his meal, a group of men in suits barged in and surrounded him. Then the egg started shaking, and soon a crack appeared in the shell and it exploded, filling the room with steam and smoke. When it cleared, a girl was standing in front of him! She hugged him tightly and called him papa!

When Riku looked closely after the initial shock, he realized that the girl was not human. The men in suits explained that there has lately been contact with other worlds and the goal is for them to co-exist, but it is still impossible to announce it publicly due to the difference in appearance. If he could successfully raise the girl and teach her common sense, then their goal of co-existence could be realized.

The sudden obligation put Riku in a bind, but the girl had already imprinted him as her father, so there’s nothing he could do except try to raise her up with human values. He also had to keep others from noticing her to avoid any problems, otherwise they would be punished. He was at a loss for what to do, having just gone from being single to a single father. What will become of their relationship?

You have a week to raise your monster daughter and become the best papa. Can she just stay as a chick?
Source: Hau~ Omochikaeri~!

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