Ma o Haramu Joou ~Injoku ni Ochita Mesu no Nikutai~

魔ヲ孕ム女王~淫辱に堕ちたメスの肉体~, Queen is pregnant with monsters


Release date2013-02-01

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In the world where humans and monsters co-exist.

It is a common understanding that a monster is subordinate existence and people are afraid of a woman rather than monsters.

The woman was Queen Cecilia.

When the king passed away, Cecilia took over the reign, and the abusive attitude towards the monsters became harsher.
Queen was said to be stronger than any robust man, and that she had power and skills to win against any monster.

She was also oppressive towards her people, and this moody person sent any person that displeased her to the prison.

And when she went on an expedition to put down the satan, the relationship between these two species went bad than ever...

Cecilia then saw herself disgraced and modified through molestations and violations by numerous worms and monsters.
At the same time, Belial the Satan became a pet to the queen and was toyed with.

Cecilia now knows the Monster, and Belial knows the Human... What will become of them...?!
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