Complete Koichu! ~Koi ni Koisuru Kataomoi~
こいちゅ!~恋に恋するかたおもい~, lovekiss!

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Developer Pizzicato
Year 2006
Audio Japanese
Text Japanese
Censorship Censored
Game type Visual Novel
Status Complete
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Mahiro works at a cafe owned by his mother. Each and every day he meets beautiful girls, family is no exception. In short, life is pretty peachy.

One day, Mahiro's mother declares that he will inherit the cafe, and that whoever he marries will also have their name included.

All is fair in love and war, more specifically, love! Mahiro will have to find a good wife for his future happiness and the good of the cafe!
Source : VNDB

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こいちゅ!~恋に恋するかたおもい~, lovekiss!