Katekyo! ~Oshiete Ecchi na Koto~

かてきょっ! ~おしえてエッチなこと~, かてきょっ! ~おしえてHなこと~, Private tutor! - tell me all about sex -


Release date2007-06-18

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Yoshida Ayumi has lost his mother at an early age. Therefore, the daily household chores fell to him. As a result, he has grown up into a very kind boy both in appearance and in spirit. In Ayumi's family, there is a tradition of serving in the nation's defence forces. Ayumi, too, is called to serve, and this has always been his dream. Unfortunately for him, he is not a very manly man. Because his father firmly believes that those serving in the military must be true men, he fears to send off his son. He employs two special instructors for Ayumi to change his personality. However, the instructors turn out to be women! The first is Morihara Ai, Ayumi's classmate, and the second is Morihara Ran, her mother. Ayumi's father leaves for a trip overseas, leaving his son in the care of the women. What lessons have the two in store for Ayumi? How will they turn him into a "real man"?
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