Complete Kabe ni Hamatte Ugokenai! 4 Oku-san Naijo no Kou no Maki
壁にはまってうごけない!4 奥さん内助の功の巻

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Developer Nighthawk
Year 2015
Audio Japanese
Text Japanese
Censorship Censored
Game type Visual Novel
Status Complete
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The kind and gentle housewife, Matsuyama Michiko, was chasing a stray cat who stole her fish, which got her trapped in a hole in the wall.

The men walking down the road did lewd stuff on the troubled Michiko one after another...

However, those men became slaves to the body of the vigorous housewife.
Source : VNDB

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壁にはまってうごけない!4 奥さん内助の功の巻