Hounyou Izon Shoujo "Yui" ~Oshikko Kanojo o Choukyou Suru Kantan na Houhou~

放尿依存少女「優衣」 ~おしっこ彼女を調教する簡単な方法~


Release date2015-01-30

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The protagonist Kamimura Kouki sneaks into the female toilet after school to fulfill his purpose in life, which is to listen to the sound of girls urinating, his fetish.

But one day, he hears a sound of urination he never heard before, so in his curiosity he peeks inside, and there he saw his classmate, Shimazaki Yui, peeing while still wearing her panties.

Upon seeing that, Kouki got aroused and assaulted Yui. At the same time Kouki climaxed, Yui urinated once again. Kouki then realized that Yui has a hard time controlling her urge to pee.

From that day onwards, Kouki blackmailed Yui and violated her often. And lastly, Kouki believes that never failing to pee anytime is beautiful.

The two aren't sex friends, nor do they have a slave-master relationship. Their relationship remains unclear. Will the two become lovers, or will they continue to heighten their sexual relationship?

Where will the peeing fetishist and panties wetting girl head towards?
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