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Developer Valkyria
Year 2010
Audio Japanese
Text Japanese
Censorship Censored
Game type Visual Novel
Status Complete
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VALKYRIA presents... the most unheard-of series ever!
All heroines are fatty chubby plumps with meaty obesity!

Round, piggish, porky, glandular...
Big breasted ham-leg honey butts by any name are still as cute!
It's time to make those big, soft thighs clap with bouncy pleasure!

Ririka Yamamoto confessed she liked him.
Though surprised at her size, he said "yes"...
So began an obsession where meat is inseparable from love.
That is to say, love and flesh are trapped in the same rolls of fat!
The bigger her body grows, the bigger his fetish gets!

Will you tumble into a lewd world of plump fetishism, or chalk a big circle around the girth of "shiawase futori" (fat with love)?

It's your choice!
Source : DLSite

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