Boku to Keiyaku Shite Osananajimi Seito Kaichou ni Saimin o Kakeyou!

僕と契約して幼なじみ生徒会長に催眠をかけよう! I'll Make a Contract to Hypnotize My Childhood Beauty Friend!


Release date2011-11-25

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Fuuka is a student council president. She is overflowing with charms as the ‘perfect’ girl everyone admires. She has been confessed to by both genders with a count that exceeds more than half of their school population. She turns down every one of them of course. It’s not like Fuuka doesn’t have interest in romance, because there is a guy whom she secretly loves dearly even though she treats him a bit coldly on the surface. The lucky guy is Kazuma, her childhood friend and student council president assistant. Unluckily, he is dense to all of her implied ‘invitations’ so their friendship stagnates and never blooms into a romantic relationship.

One day, she prods while he ignores… just any other ordinary day for the childhood friends. On that night, while she is hugging her stuffed toy she named ‘Kyuutaro’, Fuuka wishes that there would be some sort of magic or hypnotism to make Kazuma a little bit bolder.

“Let’s make a deal. You will be able to use hypnosis.”
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