Anata no Koto ga Suki na no ni

あなたのことが好きなのに, Even though I love you


Release date2008-01-29

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Hasegawa Reina is a female school teacher. Though she only just graduated from junior college, she is already charged with the responsibility for a whole class. She is a classy woman who serves as an adviser for the literary club, but she has a secret.

One of the members of the school's literary club, Takayama Yuichi, is her lover. And as if that wasn't enough, they live together under the same roof... As long as they are in school, they are forced to act as though there is nothing special between them.

One day, a female student comes to Reina for advice. It turns out the girl is in love with Yuichi. Her name is Morishita Kano and she is a member of the literary club, like Yuichi.

Trying to hide her bewilderment, Reina attempts to persuade her to give up on Yuichi. But Kano is determined, and she turns to Kimihara Kyo, who is the grandchild of the board chairman and a doctor.

Little does she know that as a result, the pair will fall from grace into a world of lust and desire...
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