21/06/18 - Free vip access

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First, I would like to thank the ones who have shared games I could not find, thanks to them around 80 missing games have been added to the website. Great job! :thumbup: D)
But the road is long to go, I have checked around 1/3 of the vndb list.

There will be no update for around three weeks, I need a break to resort all files I have and search for some new stuff.
In the meantime, all registered users will have a free vip period (premium links for all updates between 2021-01-01 to 2021-06-15).

Regarding VIP access, the donation system is on halt for a moment as my PP account has been blocked. I'm looking for a new system to use, for now, it's not possible to subscribe automatically for a vip account.
If you need a VIP access, you need can contact me here:
Then click on the button Contact admin.

See you soon and thanks again for browsing Hsuki. :angel:
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