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[Youkai Tama no Koshi] Nettoteya

Posté : mer. 10 avr. 2019 17:09
par xgrab

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Posté : mer. 17 avr. 2019 08:55
par puntojpg
I'm new here and I don't know if my error goes here, sorry


Problem: I have a problem while executing the game.

More details: When I run the game all goes well, but when I make a new game and I advance a little the game crush and ask for the CD-ROM (If you play a new game and click the button SKIP you rapidly will see the error).

Re: [Youkai Tama no Koshi] Nettoteya

Posté : mer. 17 avr. 2019 21:14
par xgrab

I have the same error when I launch the game with just japanese locale.

In order to run the game, you have to :
#1 Use the program LocaleEmulator
#2 Set the Windows Clock to Japanese Format (Control panel > Region > Format (Japanese) > Apply) and of course japanese locale