HSuki new website 2022-07-29


Here is a new version of HSuki, just like every year or so!
I tried to keep most of the last template and improved it, at least I Hope you will agree with the word improve.
I'm sure there will be some issue, it started yesterday (-_-), everything was fine on my computer but as always, when turning to prod, something was wrong...

Regarding the new additions for this version 12, please take a look at the page changelog.

Don't forget to clean your cache, by doing CTRL+F5 twice.

Well, now I'm going back to the vndb titles hunt quest!


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_avatarAdmin xgrab


Mike4382 / 2022-08-03 / #4
I appreciate your help with this xgrab. Just tried the feature you just mentioned and WOW! That is amazing. I love this, thank you again!!
Admin xgrab / 2022-07-31 / #3
Hello Mike!

Thanks again for your kind words about the new website!

Regarding the VIP+ functions:
> Go to a studio page like:
> At the top of the page, you will see a VIP+ block and a button 'Download all links'
> Once you click on it, you will get a txt file  which lists all links for this studio
> Copy all links (to use with jDownloader or other dl manager)
Mike4382 / 2022-07-31 / #2
Hi xgrab,
I'm really enjoying the new website look. Everything looks minimal and slick. I love the changes.
Could you talk a bit more about this part of the changelog?

VIP+ Functions:
* Option to download a file with all links from a studio

I don't fully understand what this means. I don't see any buttons or anything either when I go to a studio's page

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