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Visual Novel Shinyuu no Haha Kumiko
親友の母 久美子 ~穴の位置から孕ませ方まで全て彼女が教えてくれた~, Shinyuu no Haha Kumiko ~Ana no Ichi kara Haramase Kata made Subete Kanojo ga Oshiete Kureta~

Fiche ajoutée le 26/11/2017 | Vues ce mois-ci : 1168 | Vues cette année : 1851
Studio α-MODEL
Année 2017
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Censure Oui
Genre Visual Novel
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Getting rid of virginity with mother's sultry mature body depicted
by a professional artist Bucchaa U, in an elegant yet lewd mood!

Let's give a step little sister for your close friend by pouring white fluid into his mother!

* Your long-sought sex with your close friend's mother who you have long yearned

Since you saw her first time when you were much younger, you have kept feelings
for your close friend's mother Kumiko-san in heart. You and Kumiko have long separated
by the big age gap, but in this summer you and Kumiko finally got into a relationship for some reason.

Kumiko allowed you to blow your robust sexual desire into her,
on condition that this love affair sex won't affect her family life.

After a course of sexual intercourse including cosplay sex with
sailor school uniform, bloomer, kimono and even wedding dress,
Kumiko can't help begging child making sex from you...

As a result of her ovulation day sex with Kumiko, where your
close friend watches over it, Kumiko's ovum accepts your spermatid...!?
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